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As an educator I know the best way for people to learn is by having fun.
What better way to learn and have fun than through a family friendly board game.  I recently had the pleasure of spending some time playing the Earthcare game and really enjoyed the experience.  The premise behind the game is to make better choices to care for our beautiful planet, whether that is hints for getting out into nature and appreciating our biodiversity or actions to reduce waste and protect the environment.  The board game and player pieces are made with the same ethics at the forefront, being sustainably and locally sourced. 
I highly recommend this game for young and old alike, whether for personal use, or to support sustainability education programs.


Kerrie Anderson, Sustainability and Permaculture Educator

I am passionate about supporting environmental educators and the amazing work they are doing to inspire those around them to be “earthcarers”. Like the theme for World Environment day 2021 we need to take a moment to make peace with nature. The work that Lisa Wriley has been doing being an ‘earthcarer’ has been inspirational and now with the “Earthcare Game” being launched it is a pleasure to support Lisa and the whole team behind the game. I have had an opportunity to play the game and really loved the way we had fun, we learnt about ways to care for nature, we were making peace with nature without realizing it. I just loved that we could walk our talk as environmental educators, with a waste wise produced game that had so much opportunity to learn about being an “earthcarer”. Lisa our Earth is thanking you.

Sue Martin

2021 Hills Shire Environmental Citizen of the Year

Sue Martin / Australian Sustainable Schools Alliance coordinator/

Catholic Earthcare Australia -part-time coordinator

What a fun and idea-stimulating game this is. 
Simple to play, yet thought provoking about the impact of our actions and what actions

we can take to care better for the planet.
Lovely crafted pieces make this a quality and unique game for all.
The care and attention that has gone into the sourcing and selection of parts is fabulous.
Get a copy and play it with your friends and family.
This game is so relevant to everyone who is not banking on living on Mars !

Julian Bowker - earth resident.

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I played a board game called CONSERVATION as a child and loved it. The original game was invented by R.J. Reynolds in NZ in 1976. It had such an impact on me that I want to re-invent it for a new generation.

I first drew my version of the game onto calico (using sharpie textas) on a trip to NZ to try and find R.J. Reynolds (if they were still alive). With help from Quakers in NZ I found and met Bob the inventor in early 2019 (then a spritely 80 year old), showed him the game I had in mind and we have been emailing each other since.

Early 2020 Bob signed over the rights to his game.

Thanks to funding from the Nancy Shelley Bequest Fund, managed by Blue Mountains Quakers, I have spent a year developing and testing prototypes of the game with help from many friends, family and local businesses (see the ABOUT page). My Dad, John Addley, was my biggest supporter but he passed away very suddenly late in 2019 so he is with me in spirit now. The photo on the front of the EARTHCARE box is one of his - of his special place - the Birrawanna Track in Kuring-gai Chase National Park.

I hope the EARTHCARE game will plant the seed of awareness, interest in and care for our earth. I hope it will inspire many people to avoid waste (by re-using, refilling and only buying products that last) and take part in a circular economy, where our resources are valued and kept in circulation for as long as possible. The worst place to land on the game board is The Tip!




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