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About us

The game

The EARTHCARE/CONSERVATION game is a fun way to explore the many ways we can care for the earth, connect with nature and help conserve the planet's resources.

Take small steps to save the planet and earn points.  Make a mess, waste energy or water and lose points.  I CARE cards help you do good things. Suitable for 6 - 106 year olds.

Australian made, the BOX game pieces are made of recycled cardboard, clay, and smooth upcycled glass and aluminium.  The CLOTH game pieces are made of recycled cardboard, clay, smooth upcycled glass and aluminium and sustainably sourced wood.
The EARTHCARE/ CONSERVATION game is a re-invention of a beautiful 1976 NZ board game called CONSERVATION.

The original game

The original CONSERVATION board game was invented by R.J. Reynolds. Thousands of copies were sold, mostly across NZ in the late 1970's.  One of those games was given to Lisa's family, by family friends.  It was described as a game of skill for children and adults about recycling resources and caring for our land. It was well known as the "Be a Tidy Kiwi" game.  A copy of the game is included in the collection at Te Papa Tongarewa (Museum of New Zealand) in Wellington. Lisa has permission from Bob Reynolds to re-invent the game for the 21st Century, when we need it more than ever.

Who we support

In Australia, $1 from every box game is donated to Keep Australia Beautiful.

In New Zealand, $1 from every box game is donated to Keep NZ Beautiful. 

We will donate 50% of profits from all games to CONSERVATION projects. 
We will be guided by your nominations but our decision is final.


If you are part of a Conservation/Earthcare/Permaculture group and would like to sell the game directly to raise money, please contact us to discuss the details.

Who supports us

I am grateful for:

  • Bob Reynolds - testing me and then trusting me with his game; 

  • Friends who helped me find Bob and encouraged me to follow my dream;

  • Nancy Shelley Bequest Fund (managed by Blue Mountains Quakers) who gave me a grant to help develop the game;

  • Friends and family who have played the game with me, in its various stages of development;

  • To all the people who have told me they would buy the game;

  • To all the people who have listened to my ideas and helped by providing materials, and making parts of the game.

The official list starts with Elia Bourke (Illustrator), Nick Baron, the Bean Farm Studio (Graphic Design), Indigo Glass, Centered Ceramics, Cutting Edge, Hi-Tech Electrical and Gosford Printing,

Glass tumbling: Lyn Thomsen, 

Cloth creative work: Libby Bourke, Colleen Broadbent, Yvonne Shire

Clay makers: Neroli Addley, Michelle Addley, Suzanne Jeremy, Tam Hanson, Alice Renwick, Jenny Bolton, Ruth Hessey, Linda Agresti Hogue

Game testers: Lily and Willow Owen, Wahroonga Quakers, Harry Wulff, some participants at the Australian Association of Environmental Education conference 2019, Jasmine Payget, Violet and Milo Addley, Christine Freeman, Anni Griffiths, Nick Carson, Ashleigh Kelly and Jane Smith.

Mentors and accountability buddies: Julian Bowker, Ruth Hesssey and Linda Agresti Hogue.

Film: Ruth Hessey

Webmaster: James Wright

Photography for Game boxes: John Addley (Birrawanna Track, NSW) and Trevor McGavin (Butterfly Creek, Lower Hutt, NZ)

and everyone I have neglected to mention!


I acknowledge with respect the Indigenous custodians of the land, waters and sky where I live, work and play.  I recognise that there has never been a treaty or compensation for stolen land. To live together in the future is to understand the past.

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