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EARTHCARE games across Australia and the world

Having not written a blog for some time I am reflecting on where around the world the EARTHCARE games have gone:

All across Australia.

Quite a few to Aotearoa New Zealand

A parent of a teacher at the Green School in Bali bought one to go there.

My friend Sue Martin took a canvas game to Italy for Pope Francis.

France, Italy, Ireland, England, Canada, and multiple states in the United States of America

A game is on its way to the Iona Community in Scotland.

The next EARTHCARE game is going to Rev James Baghwan General Secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches in Fiji who I heard speak in Adelaide recently. He gave the Polkinghorne Oration on the topic 'Oceans of Justice & Rivers of Fairness - A Pacific Voice in the Wilderness'. He asked us all to take two deep breaths and explained that out of every two breaths we can thank the ocean for one of those breaths (as the plants in the ocean - think phytoplankton - generate oxygen) and thank the trees on land for the other breath.

I showed him the EARTHCARE game square "Take a breath, thank the ocean" which is my way of sharing the same idea. Oceans are vitally important. We need to keep them healthy and stop plastic pollution on the land. This message is reinforced on squares like 'Choose to Reuse' and 'Clean a waterway. - the drain is just for rain'.

The EARTHCARE canvas game pouch has evolved and is currently in its third edition. There are just 80 games left before I need to reprint. There are 160 board games left in stock before I create the next version. I am excited to have just made contact with a man who teaches wooden toy making in Victoria and has offered to help me make wooden dice in Australia... so stay tuned.

I am totally committed to Australian Made and plastic free EARTHCARE games.

I am currently busy making up more components of games - making and glazing player pebbles, cutting glass, packing wooden tokens into calico drawstring bags..

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