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Researching Recycled Plastic..

It is two weeks since my Kickstarter ended and it was so wonderful to reach my goal thanks to so many wonderful investors! I think it took the first week for it to sink in and in the second week, when I haven't been working on my other jobs, I have been in research mode.

I have been thinking about recycled plastic, re-establishing contact with the amazing Lids for Kids network (who have oodles of colour sorted plastic bottle lids that need a purpose), picking my friend John's amazing brain and discussing extrusion, injection moulding, equipment for punching out circles (counters), lasers, screen-printing footprints, flame treatment, chemistry, physics, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE, plastic code 2), Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE,plastic code 4), Polypropylene, Acrylic/Perspex and alternatives to dice!

I have also sought legal advice, applied for a Trademark for the name EARTHCARE for board games and printed educational materials., and made contact with a registered Translator in New Zealand regarding having the game translated into Maori.

Yesterday afternoon I experimented with melting HDPE and LDPE bottle lids under an iron press we have for Boomerang Bags and what do you know it works! (amazing what you can learn from youtube). The trick for getting a really smooth finish is leaving it under the press to cool.

I remain committed to making my EARTHCARE game contain no-new-plastic. Goodness knows the planet doesn't need any more!

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